Nectarines + Burrata

So I used to always make this dish with peaches, but  lately I haven't had the best luck finding juicy, ripe, but not too mushy peaches. 
Enter Trader Joes, they have THE best Nectarines and they come in a case. They're usually right at the entrance and I buy them weekly. 
A simple dish that is so delicious on it's own and always a crowd pleaser at BBQ's.
There's a few variations on this dish, but three ingredients always remain the same:
1. Nectarines or Peaches
2. Burrata ( I also purchase from TJ)
3. Fresh Basil
For something simple drizzle olive oil, S & P and balsamic vinegar.
If I have a little more time I'll boil 1/2 C of apple cider with sliced shallots and pour over the top of the nectarines.

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